Linda R.
for graciously blessing and keeping my team in prayer!
I pray you fulfill everything God has planned for you and if you are in agreement with me, God will take care of the rest!

" No One Else. "  
- Mr. Elken D Grate -

Graduate and Become an Elite Volunteer!

Wow! You Are Beautiful & Blessed!

Now GrateCreations Frames Your Precious Memories!

Memorial Paintings, Custom Paintings, Medical Office Paintings, Spiritual Paintings & More.

God Given Gift to Paint...Here are the Results!

Custom FacePainting Package for Your Next Children's Birthday Party.

Beautiful Family Portraits that Last a Lifetime.

Do You Have a Comment ! Check Out the Link Below...
Leave a Message for a Special Request for Art and Make Sure it's Positive!

"With every opportunity, I bring all of me and project it into my art. My hopes are that you discover something NEW and Exciting! Whether your interest is art, photography, spiritual guidance, et cetera....You can be GRATE too!! I hope to hear from you soon!"

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