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" Today, I Challenge You to Be the Best Version of Yourself "  
- Mr. Elken D Grate -

Ms. Daphne of 2Youth 4Youth Empowerment Outreach
for graciously blessing GrateCreations.com and keeping my team in prayer! I pray you fulfill everything God has planned for you and if you are in agreement with me, God will take care of the rest!

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Thank You Volunteers for Your Endless Support!

Memorial Paintings, Custom Paintings, Medical Office Paintings, Spiritual Paintings & More.

- The Fleming Wedding Reception Highlights -

Beautiful Family Portraits that Last a Lifetime.

The Exclusive GC Models - Build Your Portfolio Starting @ Only $100/Hour

Wow! You Are Beautiful & Blessed!

Custom FacePainting Package for Your Next Children's Birthday Party.

  • Custom Paint Theme Tatoos for your little sunshines. Check out the Firehouse theme above. Fun for all ages. Starting @ $60/ 1 hour, $150/ 3 hours, or $200/ entire event (contact for details).
  • Custom Paint Theme Tatoos for your little sunshines. Check out the Firehouse theme above. Fun for all ages. Starting @ $60/ 1 hour, $150/ 3 hours, or $200/ entire event (contact for details).

Specialty Portraits also available for holiday shoots.

"The Heaven Bound Project" | A Collaboration of Individuals Anxious to Grow Spiritually. | 2010 | Performed in South Carolina and Nationally Received. | GrateCreations.com

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"With every opportunity, I bring all of me and project it into my art. My hopes are that you discover something NEW and Exciting! Whether your interest is art, photography, spiritual guidance, et cetera....You can be GRATE too!! I hope to hear from you soon!"


Graduate and Become an Elite Volunteer!

  • -  Chris -
  • -Q. Williams-

~Currently Updating Info~
  • -Mr. Anthony-

~Currently Updating Info~
  • -M. Ford-

~Currently Updating Info~
  • -I. Brooks-

~Currently Updating Info~
  • -J. Shackleford-

I aspire to be a renowned actor and popular philanthropist.
I plan to find an organization  with an emphasis on youth empowerment.
I have seen some very wonderful things from the founder of On God's Plan Project and truly hope to work more with the project. I feel there is so much to gain from being a part of something so profound.
I hope to gain whatever God intends for me to gain, because I know this organization won't steer me wrong.

Video Coming Soon featuring Mr. Shackleford | Online Photo Shoot Coming Soon
  • -H. Green-

Currently I am involved in school, but (in my spare time,) I enjoy playing music and playing sports. With one year from entering high school, I am still ambitious about my future career and accomplishing my goals. From volunteering with Elken, I hope to obtain leadership skills as well as traveling to various places in the United States.



Video featuring Mr. Green
  • -E. George-

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, I had the opportunity to volunteer with a “Grate” (great) man at Mt. Olive’s Friends and Family Day. I’ve volunteered alongside Mr. Elken many times before but never in this capacity. To watch Elken in his element was both profound and inspiring. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to partake in just a small piece of a considerable vision.

       At the event I took pictures and interacted with the children but it was Elken’s interaction with the children that left me sitting in admiration. As a parent you can only pray that when your child comes in contact with other adults that adult’s motives and intentions are pure and genuine. Elken has a gift with children and our communities need more people like him in our children’s lives to encourage and uplift them and even tap into their own talents.

      Part of being a good Christian is serving God’s people and it is always a pleasure to do so while bringing a smile to their faces. Volunteer work is very important to me because it is something that I do out of love for others without the expectation of monetary gain. This time was no different and it was no mistake that I was able to fellowship with such kind people.

Ms. Eboni George
Coming Soon...K.Green...
  • -C. M. Parker- (On left) 

I am a 28 year old graduate of Clemson University. My major was Language and International Trade, and I can speak Spanish. Currently, I am earning an Associate’s in Digital Arts at HGTC. My future goals and aspirations are to become a self-employed Graphic Designer, and use my Spanish speaking skills in that career. I would like to design media for organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals. Also, I would like to become a Translator or find a company that needs a Spanish speaker.

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